elise sanson

  • @co-dme un travail absolument splendide

  • @emiliethiot Bonjour, je ne suis plus au maroc , mais dans le sud de la france à hyères
    si c’est sur votre chemin vous êtes les bienvenus pour une visite
    bonne journée

  • @jennifersmith hello,
    Hope your projet will grow up small by small. we will be from tomorow in the village (Ounagha). You’re welcom.
    Thanks a lot for sending the information (Mohammed Lamine- pour elise- 5 rue bahnini lot5 Essaouira).
    glad to know more about your projet, elise

  • @jennifersmith hello,
    I’m interested to have some part of molisson’s book, over all, the last part the function of the plants (sorry for my english) and about dry weather. We will be in the rif tomorow if you need some help to work on you’re farm we enjoy to do it. We are moving to visite and exchange idea and work in marroco. have good day…

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