Un endroit pour discuter de la permaculture au Maroc et rencontrer des personnes semblables.

Ici, nous aurons tous les outils dont nous avons besoin pour aller de l'avant et apporter l'abondance de retour au Maroc. Forums, blogs, chat et bien plus encore. Joignez vous à nous et revenez régulièrement pour être informé de la progression de la Permaculture au Maroc !

Si vous parlez bien le français, nous avons besoin d'aide! Merci.

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    • Amel a publié une note il y a 10 ans et 3 mois

      @elisesanson Salam Elise! Si tu es à Essaouira je serai ravie de te rencontrer je parts maintenant pour un village voisin d’Essaouira mais je te laisse quand même mon téléphone )marocain) à tout hasard 0644915626.

    • @amel salut Ben, je te souhaite une participation fructueuse dans notre petite communaute. Mike

    • @jennifersmith hello, Hope your projet will grow up small by small. we will be from tomorow in the village (Ounagha). You’re welcom. Thanks a lot for sending the information (Mohammed Lamine- pour elise- 5 rue bahnini lot5 Essaouira). glad to know more about your projet, elise

    • @elisesanson Hi Elise, Im actually living in Fes…so if you are passing through on your way to or from the Rif, call me 061 980 95 04 on my mobile. I can copy the dryland plant chapter of Mollison’s book for you. If you arent coming through Fes, I can post it to you. Jen

    • @jennifersmith hello, I’m interested to have some part of molisson’s book, over all, the last part the function of the plants (sorry for my english) and about dry weather. We will be in the rif tomorow if you need some help to work on you’re farm we enjoy to do it. We are moving to visite and exchange idea and work in marroco. have good day…

    • Stage 2 of our work at The Atlas Kasbah is now complete, possibly the most important with the rainy season (!?) on us. Still no rain at this point even though we are now approaching mid-December. Anyway, we have […]

    • Omar Hajji a publié une note il y a 10 ans et 7 mois

      @mikesoussan Hey Mike, I did visit the ones in Taos, NM done by Michael Reynolds, very interesting! Have you seen Nader Khalili’s Superadobes? Santa Fe is definitely a great spot, we get so many world class experts to come here and teach. I’ve been following your project in Hoceima for a while, it’s quite an amazing undertaking. I am gonna be in…En afficher davantage

    • @omarhajji hey Omar, didnt realize you were in NM. I spend a few months in Alburquerque learning about adobe homebuilding and xeriscaping. you are in the right place. Santa Fe is just a beautiful little town. did you ever visit any of the earthships at the entrance of town. just of the homes are just ingenius. Mike

    • Les travaux ont débuté à la Casbah Atlas dans le cadre de la conception en permaculture j’ai terminé de leur propriété. Nous avons identifié plusieurs priorités essentielles après avoir complété un questionna […]

    • Dar Tassa a publié une note il y a 10 ans et 7 mois

      @andy1 Hi Andy ,Many thanks for all the work you are doing & for your kind words . We look forwards to linking up with others people that are concerned about our fragile planet ! We are also looking forwards to learning the best ways to be kinder to the environment . Kind Regards Brahim

    • Anders Drew a British Expert of Permaculture is making a diagnosis in Atlas Kasbah to implement a conscious & sustainable design and management of the organic garden. He will be our mentor for the next couple of […]

    • Anders Drew un expert britannique de la permaculture a fait aujourd’hui même un diagnostic du terrain d’Atlas Kasbah afin d’implémenter une architecture paysagère et une gestion durable du jardin biologiq […]

    • @andersdrew Welcome!

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